Maintenance of body, mind, soul and spirit

I can help you rebalance your different bodies by analysing the source of the blockage

How I work...

To maintain balance in the different tissue types of the body sometimes requires help from a therapist. You, your horse or dog may have tightness in the fascia system, locks in joints and muscles or blockages in the craniosacral system.

You may have been in an accident, and need help getting your body back in balance. Imbalances and blockages can easily be unwinded with the gentle osteopathic techniques I use. If the body is blocked, so is the mind. If the mind is blocked, so is the body. So what came first the hen or the egg is the question Should you choose me or go to a psychologist? Swings both ways, I usually say. The spirit is usually spoken to the pastor about, the mind and soul with the psychologist and the body with me. But since it is all connected, it affects each other both in blockage and in release.

The body (the physical) is connected with the mind (your thoughts), the soul (your emotions) and the spirit (the universal divine energy) – therefore one and cannot be separated. And therefore many different treatments work on the same problem as one simply attacks it from a different angle. Remember to use your precious intuition also in the choice of therapist both for yourself and for your animals.


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