About Sidsel

For almost 20 years, Danish osteopath, Sidsel Sommer has used her skills on horses, dogs and humans. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of equine osteopathic techniques with other horse enthusiasts.

The craniosacral system is an essential part of the whole central nervous system.

In this course

you will learn how to scan for blocks using your intuition and your hands,

and learn how to unwind the block, supporting the restoration of balance in the horse.


The craniosacral myofascial system holds us together!

Learn about the biomechanics of the bones, the dura (myofascial) sheet and the way it functions with the central nervous system.

The system is key to a balanced horse and some even call it the most important system of the body. It can become overstretched or otherwise misaligned from traumas or illness, which can lead to more illness or pain for the horse.

It is like the hard drive of the nervous system. You’ll learn how to reboot this system when it is out of order.


6 Days

October 12-17th, 2023

10 am to 4 pm


Eponicity Center

8820 Nutbush Rd, Green Bay, VA 23942


$950 USD

Limited to 12 participants

Bring your own horse or use one of Eponicity’s horses.

Places to stay:

Please bring your own lunch and a refillable water bottle.

Course Content

Bones and Joints

The bones and joints in the legs can be blocked and are easy to correct.

Imbalance in the Sacrum

You’ll learn to access the sacrum, pelvis and the spinal column for misalignment and how to provide treatment.


Course content includes the biomechanics and anatomy of the craniosacral system, where the bones are and how to check if they are blocked.

The Horse's Brain

The Horse's Brain
Discover how the horse’s brain works and integrate new ways to communicate with the horse, as you provide treatment. 

Evaluate Movement

Evaluate Movement
We’ll look at how the horse moves as a means to determine blocks and imbalances. 

Access for Head Injuries

The cranial nerves are often affected in haltered and stabled horses. This affects their physical as well as their psychological wellbeing and is pretty easy to fix, if you know where to look for it.

Organ Systems

Organ Systems
Practice locating the major organs and learn how they can affect the biomechanics of the horse. 

Circulatory and Lymphatic System

Circulatory and Lymphatic System
Understand how the blood and lymphatic systems align with the craniosacral system. 

Sharpen Intuitive Skills

Sharpen Intuitive Skills
Build your ability to sense and feel, strengthening your capacity to support the healing process.