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Online Webinar on equine craniosacral biomechanics and osteopathy

september 30


In this online course I am teaching the basic biomechanics of the craniosacral system of the horse. It will be a 1 day theory course. I am leading you through the theories and give you exercises to do at home to learn how to find the structures in this very important system.

The craniosacral system is very important to a balanced horse, both physical and neurological. Some call it the most important system of the body, and it is the first system that is developed in the embryo.

It is not very difficult to learn the basic skills of craniosacral therapy, but to be more specific and learn the very deep structures, you need both experience, hands-on skills and a deeper knowledge of the whole body function. These courses I will do again live, when the corona crisis is past us. Until then, lets meet online.

To learn how this system works, I have set up this basic course in the biomechanics of the bones, the sheets and the way the system works around the central nervous system. It will give you a knowledge of where to look for blocks and crooked areas of the horses craniosacral system. And an idea of how you can easily relax a horse through mild hands-on techniques.

I will use zoom as an online platform, it is easy to use and free for you.

It is always good to know the basics of a horses anatomy, so go get an app or a good anatomy book. There are many good ones, I prefer Ivana Ruddocks anatomy book, she is a very skilled anatomist:

and as app I like this one:

Time:  25th june,  15-21 o’clock CEST

Price: 700,- kr  (100 $)



september 30
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