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The Fascinating Fascia – online course and replay

maj 11 @ 19:00 - 21:00


Do you want to know more about how the fascia system is connected? Then join me in this online course on the myofascial lines.

Fascial tissue is a type of thin, strong, fibrous connective tissue that extends throughout the whole body. It is an encapsulating, head to toe, weblike structure that supports and protects the body structures. The system can become overstretched or otherwise misaligned from traumas or illness, this can lead to illness or pain.

The body has 2 main fascial systems: internal fascial system that holds all the organs in place, and a

2. a myofascial system that connects all the muscles from head to toe, like a train with many wagons. I will talk about the myofascial system in this course.

It is a fascinating structure and system on humans as on horses, and only recently described on horses by a danish vet Vibeke Elbrønd. Tom Myers was one of the first that started dissecting the fascia of humans, you can read about it in his book “Anatomy Trains”. The french plastic surgeon Jean-Claude Guimberteau was the first to recognize the importance of this tissue, and actually filmed the tissue in vivo in this beautiful movie “strolling under the skin” –

In this course, I will go through the basic anatomy of the fascia system including the newest scientific findings released on the fascia conference in Berlin 2018.

I will give you an overview of the different myofascial lines, where they origin and where they end. It is a very interesting system that holds everything together like in a nice bodystocking.

If the bodystocking is too tight, it restricts movement.If it is too loose it does not offer enough protection and stability.  So the biomechanical function is obvious, but some scientists belive that the fascia is also a highway for the meridian system – is the fascia is tense, it blocks the flow of the meridians. Fascia is a system highly overlooked and cast away for too many years. It is like the wires of a bridge that holds the bridge from not falling apart. Same thing in the body, without the fascia we would be a lump of gelly with bones floating freely.

So let´s dive into the world of the fascia…




maj 11
19:00 - 21:00
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Fascia system english
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