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Equine craniosacral biomechanics – 6 online courses + replay

januar 28 @ 17:00 - 21:00


Join me live from my farm to learn the essential basics of equine craniosacral therapy to be able to release tension and pain, remove blocks and restore balance in the craniosacral system.

The course is in 6 live virtual parts with a mix of both theory and hands-on techniques. Equine craniosacral therapy optimizes the crucial and connecting craniosacral system, which is essential for a balanced and healthy horse. It offers you foundational theoretical knowledge, hands-on demonstrations and virtual supervised practice.

Course content

I will teach you the importance of the craniosacral system, how to recognize where and when it is out of balance, and I show you – live from my horse clinic – basic hands-on techniques to support realignment. Each class of the webinar consists of theory, hands-on demonstration by me and coaching for participants that have a horse to practice on. To understand how the system works you will learn about the biomechanics of the bones, the dura sheet and the way they function around the central nervous system (which is the hard drive of the nervous system), why it all works and how to reboot this system when it is out of order.

The craniosacral system holding us together

The system is key to a balanced horse and some even call it the most important system of the body. It can become overstretched or otherwise misaligned from traumas or illness, which can lead to other illness or pain for your horse.



Help your horse feel balanced and healthy
With basic knowledge of the craniosacral system, you will be able to access blocks and misaligned areas in the horse’s craniosacral system, and you will know how to easily relax the horse’s nervous system through mild hands-on techniques.

Course details

  • Webinar class dates: 28th January, 4th February, 11th February, 18th February and 25th February as a last practical part interactive with you and your horse. After one month I will meet you one to one online to help you with Q&A from my stable to yours.
  • Webinar class time: 17 – 21  o´clock CET (central european time); 11 – 15 o’clock EST (USA eastern time).
  • Course cost: $500 for all 6 classes. Early bird before 22 January: $450.
  • Location: Via zoom on your computer and/or your smartphone (for the practical sessions).
  • Replay: Besides the live classes, each one will be recorded and available for you to replay.

Horse anatomy
Before the course, please review the basics of horse anatomy.  A good application is the following:

Until next time
When we can all meet again and travel, I will offer the next level of theory at an in-person clinic to enhance your skills.  The optional, second course will cover deep structures and how to handle difficult cases. Until then, let’s get started by learning the basics and connecting live online!



januar 28
17:00 - 21:00
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