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Equine osteopathy – craniosacral techniques, a 4 days workshop in Virginia, USA

oktober 4 - oktober 7


I will teach a very mild osteopatic technique on the horses craniosacral system, and how we can help horses release this very delicate system that protects the brain and the spinalcord – the harddisc of the nervous system.

You will learn how to check for blocks and find the main hotspots of the system, to be able to treat a horse with these very mild osteopatic techniques. The horses love this technique, it connects and rebalances the horse in an easy and friendly way.

I will teach the basic biomechanics, the typical symptoms and how to treat them. It will be part theory part practial all 4 days. Including material with photos of the different grips.

I am looking forward to share my knowledge to help the horses rebalance.



oktober 4
oktober 7


coming up


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Equine craniosacral course
Learn the basics of the craniosacral system, how to release tension and blocks, and to restore balance in this practical course
5.000,00 DKK
20 ledige