Treatment of humans

To correct the body’s imbalances

– there can be many reasons why you need a therapist. It can be both physical and mental traumatic experiences that sit in the body and need to be redeemed.

I work with a very mild form of osteopathic technique called functional indirect technique, which originated from George Laughlin handed down to Ed Stiles who still lives in Oregon and has been a professor at the University of Osteopathy in Pikeville.

Tensegrity is the new age explanation of biomechanical models and one starting point for my treatments. Tensegrity is the anatomical model of the elastic energy system between the rigid elements (bones) and the elastic elements (nerves, blood vessels, ligaments and muscles).

The tensegrity structure carries all other biophysical energy systems in the body. This model shows how a bridge system is assembled from different structures, and stable because it all hangs together in a long chain. If you remove a few parts of the chain, the whole chain becomes unstable.

This is the explanation why the whole body can get out of balance if just a few parts do not work as intended. An injured knee can cause back pain, a distorted foot can cause neck strain, etc. Our system is also a tensegrity system, where all structures are interconnected in the connective tissue network, independent of gravity.


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Stomach pain

Hvordan finder jeg ud af, om min hest har ondt i maven? Er den irritabel når jeg spænder gjorden og lægger schenklerne til? Er den småsur og i dårligt humør under ridning? Er den mere træt end den plejer at være.

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what should a rider train?

Yoga is an ideal form of physical training of the body for a rider who often forgets himself in the training of the crew. It stretches the overly tense muscles and trains the weak ones – it is a combination of Pilates training and stretching – yolates you could also call it …

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how is the TMJ (temperomandibular joint) related to shoulder problems?

A locked jaw can propagate down into the shoulder, and problems in the body can propagate up to the jaw. So everything is connected, but in horses especially the jaw and teeth with the rest of the body. Therefore, it is important that equine dentists and manual therapists work closely together. I work together with several horse dentists, which makes it possible to correct the jaw and mouth when the horse is anesthetized.

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