Cranio sacral therapy

– the craniosacral system is comparable to the blood system. It is the entire central nervous system in the form of brain mass, spinal cord and cerebral nerves. Surrounded by a fluid that is its nutrient – the cerebrospinal fluid. Surrounded by protective membranes, the outermost of which is quite inelastic and is called the hymen – dura mater. At the far end we find the skull, the entire spine and the sacrum.

– If this tissue has been affected somewhere in the skull, for example, it affects the entire craniosacral system that ends at the sacrum.

– the craniosacral system may be out of balance if:

  • your birth was problematic, very fast (less than 3 hours) or very slow (more than 16 hours) if the umbilical cord was around your neck, if you were taken with a suction cup or other form of mechanical extraction if there was a medical effect on the labor pains
  • you have been falling and hitting either head or back, even as a child, which is rarely remembered
  • you have been injured by whiplash / whiplash injuries
  • if you consciously or not have chemical imbalances in the form of food intolerances, for some can create an imbalance in the cerebrospinal fluid, so the system becomes too tense

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