Treatment of children and babies

I treat babies with colic, restlessness, sucking problems, sleep problems, motor difficulties and other disorders in the first years of their lives. These are very gentle techniques that create flow and harmony in a small body that can work well.

When one is born, the intestinal system is not fully developed, so it is often the site of discomfort in the form of air and lack of flow in the intestine, which is very long in relation to the length of the upper body. Likewise, babies are no longer sucked for amniotic fluid, so what they manage to swallow must pass through the intestinal system, and it is something sticky that can block the very convoluted passages in there. The first stool to come is therefore precisely black and sticky. Reflexology can also help a lot here.

This may be because the birth has taken longer or shorter than what is normally described for a skull / body, or there have been complications during the birth. If it has been started artificially or otherwise has not taken place 100% naturally. If the umbilical cord has been around the neck.

If the baby has been taken by caesarean section, it may be a good idea to have the skull examined, as it has not, as in normal births, been exposed to the rather strong pressure it is for a head to be born. Likewise, by caesarean section you are not inoculated with the mother’s bacteria but with the hospital’s, as you come out of a sterile incision in the stomach. Therefore, some hospitals have started grafting newborn faces with maternal secretions. That’s such a good idea.

Older children have often needed help if they have anxiety, ADHD or other behavioral symptoms. It is of great help for these children to have their craniosacral system balanced

Children with headaches, sports injuries, back problems, walking difficulties or other motor problems growing up.

Diet chemistry and vaccinations

The diet of a baby is important for their well-being, and since they drink their mother’s milk, it is therefore important that the mother eats so the baby is well. There are things to stay away from that babies react to a lot as they are little new and milky sensitive creatures. These things are:

cow’s milk, soy milk, coffee, dairy products, wheat products, sugar, dyes, strawberries, chocolate and whatever you can feel your baby reacting to.

Komælk er til kalve, det har en sammensætning som lader kalve vokse meget hurtigt på kort tid. It is not necessary today because we can have all the vegetables all year round so drinking milk is more helping the milk industry than the babies Calcium is obtained in many other ways, such as okinawa calcium powder on oatmeal, for example, as green vegetables And we do not absorb the calcium from the milk, new studies show. In the Nordic countries, we have the most cases of osteoporosis and the most milk drinkers! It’s not logical.

So drink milk while breastfeeding, and do not give your baby anything other than breast milk!

Vaccinations sometimes destroy the organism’s immune system, but in turn make you immune to what is in the vaccine. Unfortunately, many children become ill from the fillers in vaccinations, they get recurrent infections, runny noses, otitis media and much more, and often become intolerant to various foods. You can on see all fillers in all medicines, it may be a good idea to find the ones with the fewest fillers.

you can choose to keep your child to homeopatic vaccinations


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